Help with Access

I am trying to make a database of the contence of my house, I am trying to do this in Access XP. What i want to do is to make a form that i fill can fill in with various details, including a photograph, and then save it to file, which can be browsed object by object (and edited if needed) sorted and searched.

I know nothing about access, and ahve no idea where to start or how access works, so if someone knows how it works nad can explain, or point me in the direction of a good guide please do. :slight_smile:


Try using the wizard.

First create a table with the fields you want to use.
Based on that table you can create a form, also using the wizard of course.

I believe I once saw a site mentioned here that had some helpful tips…perhaps you can use the search for that (search on ‘database AND access’)

Thanks, but I am not making much progress - I must be being stupid :frowning: I did have look and couldn’t find anything (at least in English anyway).

This is pretty easy to do, if you’re familiar with tables and forms.
Make a table and make a field and set it’s type as ole object type.

Next go to your form, add the field you just made. (make the field rather large)

Now right click on the field and choose insert, then pick create from from file then browse to the picture you want to add.

The picture is now embedded into the database, make sure you do NOT choose link.

If you have any difficulties I can mail you a sample.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I havent had time to really look at it recently, but i was slowly starting to get it sorted. I am not really familiar with tables and forms etc, or how the database operates, i.e which files do what. If when i have time to have another look at it i need some help, i will mail you though. :slight_smile: