Help with a Toshiba DVD notebook drive




I know that this is not the right place to ask this, but I don’t know where to ask. Please help me if you can!

I have a Compaq laptop with a Compaq DVD-ROM SD-C2512 drive. This is a Toshiba drive.
My problem is that this drive only reads - dvds + is not supported. Is there any way to add + media support to the drive, maybe via firmware update?

Please help me, cause almoust all of my DVDs are +.



Very few firmwares seem to be available for this drive, see here.

Best choice would be to use DVD+R media booktyped to DVD-ROM.


Hi gurabli,

I’m sorry to say, but as far as I know the SD-C2512 doesn’t support +R media and there are no firmware updates that can change this.

Edit: As chef said, booktyping to DVD-ROM will help you out on this one.


Thanx for your reply!! How stupid I was, I didn’t remember about booktyping:) To be ernest, before I bought the laptop, I never had to use booktyping. My DVD player supports + media.
I just burned a +R DVD with NEC 3520 booktype set to DVD-ROM and well,well, the little Toshiba drive reads it without any problem!

Once more, thanx for your help!!!



I have the same problem.

If I have a bunch of +R DVD’s, how can I play them on this player. Do I just have to burn them all over again? Is there an easier way? I can burn -R DVD’s and have the media but how do you do booktyping? I use Nero 6 to burn DVD’s by the way.


Your burner and it’s firmware has to support Bitsetting (Booktype to DVD-ROM eg.).
Bitsetting is possible with +R, +RW and +R DL media.

In Nero, select your burner and open options. Recorder > choose


This Toshiba doesn’t read + media at all, and no way to fix that except booktyping. So or do booktyping, or get a new drive like I did:) I recommend you NEC ND-6650 or newer, definetly the best drive available, and it costs around $80. (It supports booktyping too:))


can i booktype DVD’s that I have already made?

I have the ability to copy DVD’s so would it be easier to just copy the DVD to DVD-R disks?


No, you can’t change the booktype on finished (burned) dvd’s.

As for the second question, it is a solution to make a copy of your +r medias to -r, but my suggestion is to consider a purchase of a new drive for your notebook. Why? I guess all of us (should) use only the best available DVD brands (our data’s are worth a little extra cost, no?). If you do a quick calculation, how much will you pay for new -r medias (not taking into the account the time of making the backups) you will easily end up around the cost of a new drive:) And all your problems are solved! The Evo notebook is a powerfull and one of the most perfect notebooks I have ever worked on, so it deserves a good drive:) Of course, it depends how many +r medias do you own, but still, you will have many problems with rewritable discs (even - ones) etc.



Could you recomend a good drive? I don’t really need burning capabilities. Just being able to read all the new DVD media types. Thanks for all your help.


The best drives come from NEC. They are very good burners and decent readers with excellent modified firmware support (thanx to people HERE :bow: ) And they are very affordable too! ND-6650 around 80 Euros.
As for DVD-ROM drives, I don’t know too much, try to look around on this site. You might find good ones on eBay, used but vey cheap.
Definetly avoid LG and Samsung!!! (Well, LG does have a decent burner released now, it is built in the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo series and it works very good, but it costs more than NEC)

You must decide, but consider that a DVD-ROM drive can have more problems with with reading than burners. And do not buy combo drives, they are almoust expensive as DVD writers!


Hm, I’d say that’s a bit short-sighted.
NEC makes good drives but others too and without all the great patchers NEC would be only 3rd grade, IMHO.