Help with a Sony CRX230 EE please

This is my first post around here, so apologies in advance if I screw up.
I have a Sony CRX230 EE CD burner.

As supplied it has the Turbo feature where it defaults to 40X as the max write speed unless you manually change it to 52X.
I would like to set it so that it defaults to 52x.
Any advice?
I understand there is something odd about the drive - something about no EEPROM?

Thanks in advance


Omnipatcher report on my drive:
Drive type : N/A
Vendor ID string : SONY
Product ID string : CD-RW CRX230EE
Standard firmware rev. : 2YS3
Internal firmware rev. : Unknown
Firmware timestamp : May18 ,2005

Just thought I’d let you know I sorted it (thanks to this forum)!
Before I posted I had hunted around the forum, but the nearest I could find was a post on the CRX230 ED (not EE - and one letter difference was enough to cause me concern). However in my later wanderings I found a hotlink to the firmware database, where Code65536 had posted for the EE model. So I used the that info and other snippets from this forum, downloaded the firmware from LiteOn, used flashfix and flashed the drive. Hey presto, I now have a SOHR5239S (with a Sony badge!), which doesn’t have that annoying Turbo thingy where you have to manually set max write speed to 52X.

I congratulate you guys for this site. Kowledge IS power!
Thank you.

Anyone got any use for the Sony revision 2YS3 (the original Sony CRX230EE version?)


I ´ve the CRX 230EE Drive but the firmware is 2YS1 and I want to convert it in a LiOn 2S09 but I can´t find the firmware.
I red the CODE65536 post but I don´t find the firmware that he suggest
I looking for it everywhere and the last version is 2S0B but when I download it there isn´t any .BIN or .HEX
My Drive seem to be dead and it has just 1 month of use. XP recognice it but not read any CD of any type