Help with a region 4 dvd to region 1

I am a new member and am not sure if this is the right way to go about getting assistance with the different regions for dvd’s.
I have purchased a dvd from Australia which is region 4 and I wasn’t aware that it would not play on American dvd players because we are region 1. Does anyone have any solutions? Thank you.:sad:

Hi shorty63 and welcome to cdfreaks,

I’m not sure I’m understanding you here.
Are you using Fab to decrypt the movie and then having a problem playing the bkup disc in a region 1 player?

You have more than one issue; not only are the regions incompatible…assuming your player isn’t region-free, but you’re mixing NTSC formats with PAL formats.

Fab will render the bkup disc region-free, but the NTSC - PAL issue remains.
Take a look at these links:
DVD Regions


NTSC <—> PAL conversions are a PITA.
Generally, the quick and easy way to deal with the NTSC and PAL issues is to buy a player capable of NTSC <—> PAL formats. These generally are also region-free and can be had for $60-70 and up.

If you’re using Fab, post some details and we can try to help you further.

I realize I’ve been lucky, but my RCA DRC8052 standalone recorder plays PAL formats just fine, whether standard DVD video or AVI/Divx files. My old Apex AD-1100W also plays PAL DVDs, though it does not play AVI/Divx files; it does require a setup option to be set correctly, though. Neither of these standalones was region-free when purchased, though the Apex was subsequently flashed to become region-free.

As maineman said, Fab will produce a region-free backup, so that only leaves the PAL issue.

My only exposure to real PAL content is via downloaded ISO images which when burned played fine on my players but did not on those of some of my friends. I’ve also frequently encountered AVI formats derived from PAL sources; though these have various resolutions, they use the PAL 25fps frame rate.

In any case, if you have not already tried it, make a backup using Fab and see if your player can do the PAL->NTSC conversion. If it tries to play, but never shows a stable picture on the TV, check to see if your player has any settings regarding PAL and NTSC; if so, try all variations as I’ve seen some that basically do the opposite of what they appear to. For instance, with my Apex if you set the video type to PAL or BOTH, it takes that to mean that your TV can display PAL, and does not convert. But if you set the type to NTSC, the player will convert so that it always outputs NTSC.

You may find that your player will handle PAL just fine. If not, like maineman says, your best bet is to look for a player that can handle it. If you are buying a new player, I’d also consider getting one that can play AVI/Divx files. Very little extra cost, and you get a lot of potential benefit. As for region-free, I haven’t seen many of those in bricks-and-mortar stores, but that’s not really a big deal if you are using Fab.