Help with a HP Pavilion dv9912nr network adapter driver

Hello, I have a HP Pavilion dv9912nr laptop and I recently reformatted it with Windows Vista Home Basic, but when I finished I couldn’t access the internet and my “Network” folder is empty. I’m trying to use Comcast digital cable with an ethernet cord, NOT wireless, and I even used the comcast disk to try and set it up with no luck. So I checked my Device Manager and my Network Adapter driver says “Broadcom 4321AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi Adapter”, I need a driver that will work with ethernet cable internet but I can’t find out which one I need, let alone where or how to get it. I’d really appreciate any kind of help, I’ve been at it for weeks! Thank you.

– Sarah

P.S. Hope I’m not double posting, I don’t think the first one went through.

Hi and Welcome! - and enter your model # (dv9912nr) into the search box on upper right corner.



Yeah but they all say wireless on them, will any (if so, which) work on ethernet cable internet? Thank you for responding so quickly!


drivers for wireless devices don’t support other hardware, of course.
Have you already checked Device Manager if there is some error indicator assigned to the wired LAN device?

I [I]guess[/I], the LAN driver is part of the chipset driver package, but I am not sure about this.
HP has tons of information, documentation and manuals on their support website:
You may go through this material please.
Additionally (or alternatively) you may contact HP support if they have something like a driver installation guide.