Help with a DVD Player

I want a DVD player that plays most DVD-/+R and SVCD…the most compatible one…which one would you recommend. (U.S. Customer).
I have Sony D333 and that mofo can’t play Cd-R’s nor DVD-/+R…I have a liteOn 411s DVD Burner thus as you know it’s not the greatest in the clean burn category.

How is the Samsung DVD-P241 Progressive Scan DVD Player?

Thank You soo much for all your help.

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How is the Samsung DVD-P241 Progressive Scan DVD Player?

I have no idea if the Samsung is a good one , that "progressive scan " is just some marketing. But if you just need a standalone dvd player , why not purchase one of those no-name $50 things ? Most of them are region free and can play about everything.

If you want to be sure of it , just bring some dvd’s at the store and tell them to play them all. A colleague of mine did that and was very happy with his choice.

Does anyone knows of any good websites that do DVD Player review which includes DVD -/+ playability (and scratched DVD error correction.)?


Check the database found in my signature :iagree:

I’m picking up one of those Samsungs today so I can let you know how it works.

I currently have a KOSS KD365 ($50) that doesn’t play any of my DVD-Rs so I’m taking it back to Sears and they are exchanging it for the Samsung for free (it’s normally $60) because they are out of the KOSS and I bought their warranty thing.

I have an old Sony DVP-S360 that the DVD-Rs all work in but the Koss won’t read any of them.

I also use a Lite On 411S and I use CloneDVD to make all my movies. I’ll update this tomorrow with my results from a quick test tonight.

Also, according to info I’ve seen, ths Samsung P241 plays DVD, DVD-R, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, Picture CD and JPEG-encoded discs

It doesn’t list DVD+ at all in there or SVCDs. But of course my Koss DID list all those and didn’t play them so I guess we’ll see.

Someone feel free to bump this later tonight so I remember to post back if it works. :slight_smile:

OK, here’s my update. popped in one of my backup DVDs and it played it through with no problems at all. I’m going to try a couple more and see what happens but so far, it loks like a really great player.