Help with a download!

Hi there, I found you while searching for help, I recently downloaded a concert and was hoping to burn it to DVD however I’m now stuck! I used a torrent site and managed that ok, it was saved onto my system ok, but I seem to be unable to watch it or burn it! I’ve used Nero, real player and window’s media player and then downloaded and tried Windvd as someone reccomended this! I have the files Video_TS ect but can’t do anything with them!! Is there anything I should now be doing with these files to make them useable? I’m sorry if I sound a bit dappy but it’s the first time I’ve tried to do this, please help I’ll be very grateful! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking reguardless of the VIDEO_TS folder that it is in AVI or Divx format google ffdshow it is free and is a codec to allow various formats to play in windows media player.

I’m still struggling, I tried searching codec and downloaded programmes but nothing seems to help me! I’m a total novice at this and if I didn’t want this concert so much would’ve given up by now! I ran it through a codec programme which helpfully told me it wasn’t a AVI file?


try ffdshow first then if it doesn’t work…let us know…:slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded ffdshow how does it work? I’ve tried opening it but nothing happens, it unzipped ok and is on my start menu but I’m not sure what to do with it now?


Just use windows media player or a player of your choice it show run in the background as needed.

Tried all the players, nero, windvd, windows media and no joy…!

All I can suggest is buy the concert I’m out of suggestions maybe someone else can offer some help sorry.

Can’t buy concert so this is the only way I’ll get to have it, typical of my luck! Thanks for trying though.


download dr divx and try to convert that file to a divx . …i usually download these type of concerts from youtube and watch it after converting it with dr divx ( its free ) :slight_smile:

Is this a google video, youtube ect…?

try right clicking on 1 of the vob files and hit either “open” or “open with” and if it prompts you…find windvd or another suitable player,

download a program called Img Tool Burn. Under devices choose “image recorder”. In the directory section choose the folder you have video_ts etc in. then choose burn. it sould make you an iso image which you can then either mount using alcohol 120 or similar or burn to dvd using nero.