Help with a data dvd with movies




just wondering if someone can help me with this little problem>

i am making data dvds that have movies on the disc , this allows
me to put around 4 movies on a dvd that can be played on a
standard home dvd player as long as the movies are in mpeg-1
or mpeg-2 format.this is fine for me but i dont want the dvd
system menu browser and was wondering if i could make a dvd
menu for use with my movies.

i have also been using nero movie maker and can make dvd movies
with menu but nero scales the movies by timeline and not file size
so the way to get round this is by making a data disc with mpegs.

so really my question is , can i create some kind of menu that
can just be placed on the dvd along with the mpegs that would
act as a menu for the movies ?

hope someone can help with this and thanks in advance.


If the mpegs are compatable with VCD or SVCD, I believe DVDLab (30day trial) will allow you to author them. There’s at least one guide for this around on the net. Chickenmans useful post here has a link to the full guide which is here


thanks very much D DOG >

ill read through this and hopfully get what im looking


If the files are mpegs i’d look at Svcd2dvd It will allow you to create a menu for you movies and it’s a lot easier to use than dvdlab, though dvdlab will do MUCH more. Try the demo, it’s the best program i’ve ever bought.