Help with a burning issue

I’m trying to back-up some older movies such as the Punisher and Friday Night Lights using AnyDvd and DvdShrink Both movies go thru the anaylizing feature with no problems but once hit the back-up button everything freezes and DVDshrink shuts down. I’ve tried un-installing and re-installing DVDshrink and I just recently downloaded the new version of AnyDvd but the problem still persists. Can anyone help me with this issue. Thanks

Close a few apps… your cpu is probably being overworked… disable your antivirus (not your firewall) and any other unnecessary apps

Thanks but DVDShrink was all that was running and AnyDVD was in the background running. Any other ideas.

Try ripping the movies to the HD with AnyDVD’s ripper & then Shrink against the HDD folder.

I’ve burned Starksy & Hutch with no issue but the Punisher and Friday Night Lights still give the error. The error is “DVDShrink enocuntered an error and cannot continue. Programming error - exception occured. The parameter is incorrect” Please help. Thanks