Help with a *.bsi file

I have a cd “image” archive I DL’d from the web that has a .BSI extension?

Does anyone know what application I need to burn this .bsi file to an image? I’ve tried mounting it and burning it but it won’t mount ans is not recognized by any program?

I’ve tried all these apps to see if it is truly an image but no luck thus far? Is it a bogus file?

ISO Commander

Virtual Daemon 3.41

Nero 6




Could you give us some more information of what this file is. Things liek where you downloaded it and what the pogram si would be helpful in getting it to work.

Have no idea what it is, but perhaps it is a file of which the original extension was changed (from zip/rar or alike).

This is kind of strange, don’t know of any legal downloads that use this extension. Perhaps explaining the source may help us identifying the software needed for the job.

I dl’d a back-up copy of MS office 2000 from emule with the extension .bsi (Office_2000.B5I). Maybe it’s a how to and not the program?

I just didn’t want to re-download the program because it took so long to get it?

I’ll dl the BSplayer & see what happens (

Thanks Taxman for the link!

I screwed up it’s a .b5i (.B5I) extension which is a Daemon tool ( I don’t understand why it won’t mount with my version of Daemon?

I’ll keep you posted.


I’m going to upgrade Daemon from version 3.41 to 3.44 to see if this image will mount?

A downloaded image sounds like warez to me, but I could be wrong

Warez are not allowed in this forum.

Not if you own the rights to the file … disc got scratched and won’t read … So I had to dl it …