Help with a .avi file

I have a .avi file on this computer and I want to watch it on my laptop but it wont work

what I did was insert a blank disc and selected to open a writeable folder and I can copy the file to the disc and my laptop can see the file but when I try to play it i get a error

I use power dvd 5.0 and the error is “Error Code 80040111”, and in the box it says “ClassFactory cannot supply requested class”

I know that I got the movie from a friend, and he is over seas now, but i do know it is xvid format if that helps

does anyone know what I need to put on my laptop to be able to watch the movie on my laptop also

I am going on a trip soon and I want to watch my movies on the road


ohh yeah I could convert them avi2dvd but I would rather use cd’s since they are cheaper

Start here:

If you’re using Windows 95 or 98 then you need to upgrade to Windows 2000 or higher. Certain types of linking (such as XML/HTTP) is not supported between files on these legacy operating systems.

If you are using Windows 2000 or above then you could try updating Windows Script on your computer. See here:

VideoLan VLC is a general player for avi (and other) files. It’ll probably work for most systems & doesn’t need codecs installed I believe.

I dont want to convert the files if I dont have to and I dont want to put the files onto the HDD of the laptop, I would like to keep them on the discs

They both use XP home

They both have the same program powerdvd 5.0

I put the divex codec onto the laptop, cause I have that on the main comp, but that didnt work either

I know over the past 2 years I have put alot of stuff onto this comp and the laptop just got reformated, the laptop only has a 10G HDD so I cant go nuts with downloads

Could it just not play because the laptop is not powerful enough, which wouldnt make sense cause it will play regular DVD’s

Usually im good with this kind of stuff but I dont get it, maybe i’ll send a e-mail to cyberlink, the makers of power DVD, to find out what the error means exactly

Thanks again