Help! With 6750

I got the 6750 in less then 2 days for Newegg. I want to put it into my Toshiba A85-S1072 laptop. I followed the instructions in Liggy and Dee’s NEC page but I get hung up on the part about “booting into DOS” on my desktop running XP using a slimline IDE converter. I have tried putting the 6750 in every possible place to change the order and have changed the jumpers to make all other optical drives slaves…still, the 6750 shows up as Master every time.
Exactly how do you “boot into DOS”? Thanks!

Did you try changing the jumper to slave. My guess is it’s set as master that’s why it’s reading as master. I never even saw or held a slim line (don’t own a laptop/notebook) but i think there still be a jumper setting on the back of it. But i’m no wizard.

The NEC slimline drives do not have a jumper for changing between master and slave. You need to update the drives bootcode and firmware in order to switch between master and slave drives.

OK, so I dumped my the firmware using Binflash. I saved the BIN. file. Now the drive has no firmware and is no longer recognized at all by my desktop.
Can I flash the dumped bin file original firmware back? How??
This NEC 6750 has been a nightmare with a Toshiba A85 series laptop.
Any help appreciated. THanks. :bow:

Dumping the bootcode does not change a single Byte in your firmware. The only way to modify is by flashing a different firmware.

I have no idea why your drive is not recognized anymore and this is a prerequisite for flashing a new firmware.

Loose connection, Windows recognizes it and Infotool says it’ the slave and my Liteon 411s is master. But I get the following message:

"Probably mixing up master and slave firmware. This will damage your drive or cause it to become inaccessible… It won’t let me continue.
What next??