Help with 6450A

Hi, wanted to get some advice regarding a 6450A in my notebook. It will read CD’s, DVD’s & DVD +RW. It will also write CD’s succesfully, but it has stopped writing any form of DVD’s (tried DVD+R and DVD +RW).

I wanted to get opinions - should I 1) rebuild the OS or 2) consider the drive faulty. I suspect that my problem may have been caused by the Starforce copy protection in Silent Hunter III. I have a genuine copy of this game and it stopped working last week (wouldn’t recognise the original DVD). Now have a new code for it and it works again… but because of all the bad press the StarForce protection is receiving I thought I’d better check my DVD writer still works and it doesn’t.

Anyone think this could be a coincidence (and therefore a faulty drive) or one of the strange problems associated with Starforce (and therefore an OS rebuild is required) ??


I just ran Nero CD-DVD speed test and when creating a test data DVD Nero gave me a power calibration error (037303). Does this sound like the drive is dead ?

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Usually a power calibration error is a sign of bad media. Use DVDIdentifier to read the media code your disks.

Hey thanks for the welcome and the tip. I’ve downloaded the tool and will give it a go later today. I don’t think it’s media … I wrote to the same media using a duplicate laptop (which strangely had a different model of drive fitted from the factory) and this one wrote to the media fine. I’ll see what the identifier tool makes of it on the problem laptop.

Many thanks.

It’s definately a dead drive. Swapped it out and works fine. Will be sending the duff one in for warranty replacement.