Help With 5005 Bit Rate?

Nero Vision Express list the BIT RATES as follows:
HQ(1Hr) 9716KB @ 720x480
SP(2Hr) 5073KB @ 720x480
LP(3Hr) 3382KB @ 720x480
EP(4Hr) 2537KB @ 720x480
SLP(6Hr) 1691KB @ 352x480

These seems to be close to the 5005 except the EP mode is 352x480 on the 5005. I’m really interested in the LP mode if that is 720 or 480 on the 5005?? I assume the Bit Rate is close to the 3382, anyone out there know?? Is there any software that you can check the bit rate of a disc recorded on the 5005?

I made a mistake on the previous post in ref to the LP mode being 720 or 352 not 480, sorry!!