Help! with 4 drives

Hi …

My pc have 4 drives, 2x PIONEER 110D in primary devices, 1xNEC3500 at secundary master and LG4160 in secundary slave and 1x HD200GB SATA SEAGATE 7200RPM 8mb , if i burn one *.ISO with 4 drives in the same time with nero and go ok , but i need to burn more than one iso , like 2x PIONEER burning ISO1 and nec and lg burning ISO2 in same time , but in this system the buffer lows …its becasue the seagate …

i need more drive…i thinking in these two down , but one its 250gb and other its 36gb but its 10k rpm 4.5ms seek time etc…in the same price…this 10krpm and 4.5ms have much diference of the other sata seagate drives…help

i will put more ram like 1.5GB DDR500

HD SATA 250G Seagate ST3250823AS 7200 | $124.00

HD SATA Western Digital Raptor 36G WD360GD | $125.00

MY pc its it:
-P4P800 Deluxe
-P4 2.4@3.2 Northwood
-2x512mb DDR400
-SATA 150 SEAGATE 7200rpm


2 ISOs at the same time to 4 burners via IDE and SATA.

Will never work without extra controllers.

If you really need to burn multiple discs simultaneously, there are stand-alone burner systems designed for this purpose. Your computer is not. One source for stand-alone burners is Meritline.


Just to let you know, I burn six disc (dvd movies) simultaneously all the time with my pc about every other day :iagree: … My system consist of Abit IC7-G mb, P4 3.2 , 1 gig DDR, two Maxtor 300 HD IDE, one Maxtor 200 HD IDE, six Pioneer
dvr-A08xl ( burn @ 8x and all ready in around 8 min) two Sigg ultraATA controllers, Pcmcis 600 watt power supply… I have never tried two ISO’s at the same time before.

Without extra controllers this never would work, even not just connecting them all…

Many modern motherboards have extra controllers built in. My main workstation is built around an Asus PC-DL motherboard, with two Xeon 2.8 ghz cpus and two gigabytes of main memory. In addition to the two IDE channels common to most all motherboards, there is a SATA two channel controller (part of the Intel motherboard chipset), and a Promise SATA/Raid controller (with two SATA connectors and one IDE connector), all on the motherboard. I have 4 DVD burners connected to the two IDE channels, two SATA hard drives connected to the Intel SATA controller, and two IDE hard drives connected to the Promise controller.

I have never attempted to burn two DVDs at the same time, but I probably could. I can burn one DVD and run a transfer rate test on another drive simultaneously, as long as the two drives are on separate IDE channels.

At present, the optical drives are laid out:

Pri Master: Benq 1620
Pri Slave: Benq 1640
2nd Master: Nec 3550
2nd Slave: Liteon 1693

Believe it or not, that are also extra controllers, even they come “with” the mobo.
The Promise controllers don’t accept ODD, so the other controller for the ODD you have there would have an ITE or SIL chipset, right?