Help with 24 Season 1

I’ve ripped 24 Season 1 to my harddrive (using cladDVD XP), then i’ve been trying to use Instantcopy to re-size to a DVDR, and burn to disk…it all goes through fine, but the disk does nothing…had a look through, and it seems the menus are ####ed, as the VOBS have all the video in them, the dvd just doesn’t seem to have the initial menu.

It all worked fine with “the office” which was a multi-episode dvd, so what am i doing wrong?


I’d suggest trying DVDDecrypter instead of cladDVD (heard of it but never used it). DVDDecrypter seems to be the most recommended ripper at the moment. (Thanks Light_UK!) :). Hit F for file mode and make sure you select all the files. I’ve never used IC so I can’t help you on that end. Good luck.


Used DVD Decrypter, and hey presto, it working…cheers!

n then u burn it with wich programme ?