Help with 1633s



DRW-3S163 crossflashed to a SOHW-1633S.
Im having trouble burning cdr media I get error saying I need to insert media .
My cdrs will not burn on this drive anymore use to.It still reads them btw.
Also lil advice on best firmware for this .




I would first recommend trying some other CD media (Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim…), uninstalling software like Alcohol or Daemon Tools, check DMA…

But many 3S LiteOns had their CD lasers die prematurely so it may be that your burner failed.

Does it burn DVDs?


Yes dvds are fine but I believe that the cdr lense is shot .
It no longer reads cdrs even.TY for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:


does the 1633s work at making xbox360 backups on dvd+r dl media?


well i would have to check your write speeds etc but mine works great so far writing xbox 360 backups @ 4x on dvd+r dl media (Verbatim MKM 001 , 2.4x/6x rated media) … and i have a lite-on 1673S drive which is in the same class as yours is… so assuming your firmware is roughly similar to mine it “should” work.

Note: so far my drive burns xbox360 backups @4x burn speed MUCH better than it does @ 2.4x… and when using em in xbox360 it seems that the xbox360 (samsung ms28 , Xtreme 5.2A firmware) reads the disc burned better @ 4x over 2.4x (basically i get less clicking noises comming from the xbox360’s dvd-rom drive when using 4x vs 2.4x… which im assuming is a good thing)

my thread i started recently is here if you care to read the posts/disc quality scans…