Help with 1620

My Benq DVD drive is connected to my laptop via USB2.0 (external) and i was getting 8x speed ( i never tried 16x media before) with 8x media just few days back and today when i tried 16x Memorex DVD-R media the speed is only 4x5,540 … forget about 16x , i am not even getting 8x.

I haven’t changed anything otherthan the media, can you experts help me fix/resolve this problem


You will never get anything near 16X with USB2.0. It is simply not fast enough, just so you know. Now when you said you are only getting 4X, do you mean you could only select 4X as the burn speed or do you mean you selected say 8X but the burner only burned at 4X? If it’s the first case, it is probably due to compatibility with that particular media code. The best possible way to fix that would be flashing to a new firmware. If it’s the second case, then it’s very likely that you have a software/hardware configuration problem.

When i chose burn DVD in NERO, it was by default selected to MAX speed and when i pulled the speed selection dropdown, It was only showing the 4x5,540Kbps and It sure burned the DVD in 4x speed under both selection (MAX and 4x).
Why is that it was working at 8x just 10 days back and not now ?
Can you also tell me how i can do the firmware upgrade ?


  1. Max simply takes the highest possible burn speed from the menu. In your case, the only available speed is 4X, so obviously max and 4X will produce identical results.
  2. You were able to burn at 8X before because the media you were using is of a different brand. For that brand, the firmware believes 8X is acceptable. That’s why 8X showed up as an option. Now the reason you are getting 4X as the only option now is because the firmware reads the MID code of the disc and thinks that the only acceptable speed for this brand of disc is 4X.
  3. As I’ve said before, the safest and easiest way to fix this would be doing a firmware upgrade. It is likely that BenQ has improved the write strategy for your Memorex discs so the drive might accept higher burn speeds with a new firmware. However, if BenQ didn’t do so, then a new firmware wouldn’t help you in this particular situation. As to how to do a firmware upgrade, you should be able to find tons of instructions by using the search function.
  4. You can also use MediaCodeSpeedEdit by ala42 to manually “swap” write strategies to disguise the disc as something else in order to achieve a higher burn speed. This is not recommended unless you know what you’re doing, though.

Just to add a correction, it is certainly possible to get 16X burns from external drives. A number of users with Plumax cases using Prolific 3507 chipsets find that the transfer rate is high enough. Dealsonic stocks these. The USB model does not work with BenQ but the Firewire model does.

I was able to get 16x speed( Memorex 16x DVD-R media) with external USB2.0 drive after upgrading the firmware from Ben Q