Help with 1620 OEM flashing

I am now the proud owner (I think) of a New/Old 1620 OEM with firmware G7L9. I’ve dug through the FAQs and other threads trying to figure out how to cross-flash to a later retail.
All the links given to DL the winDWflash are out of date, not found ( According to the FAQ, TDB B7P9 will cross-flash, but when I try, it says "Drive Not Accessible. So, can some kind soul help me through this?

Read zebadee’s nice flasher guide

With BQFlasher you can use any BenQ DW1620 Pro stock firmware. Hope you’ll be able to find those links. :smiley:

pinto2…Thanks, BUT…
Official BenQ has all B series. Any I try says, "drive not support"
TDB, as said originally, says "drive not available"
BenQ.cvts…no longer exists.

So, one more time…MAYDAY!!

Sorry to say; are you reading at all? :smiley:

G7** firmwares are only for OEM/rebadged drives. BenQ’s own B7** are the mature and the best. No need for any .CVT, no nothing.
Find BQFlasher and any BenQ 1620 .exe firmware [B]and flash[/B]. Simple like that. :bigsmile:

Okay, adding a link to BenQ stock firmwares, linky.

Sorry, I finally saw the BQ flasher link, got it and all is well. Thanks.

Hi :slight_smile:
Link for Quikee’s BQFlasher:
Now includes link for my guide in 1st post of thread.

Thanks zebadee. :clap:

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Using [U]Search[/U] for BQFlasher would give you all info needed in first place. BQFlasher thread lists as # 4 right now (behind your posts).

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O/T Thanks pinto2. Just wanted to post something. Bored. :iagree: :bigsmile:

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