Help with 108 btisetting

I’m trying to get the Kernel form the Flashman’s archive through this link: but it wouldn’t open :confused: .
Any other place I could find it?

Try it here.

Many thanks.

I downloaded all the files at the PIODATA folder but didn’t find the Kernel file R8150008.110 (that I understand is needed) ?
I ran both the DVR108DX_FW110.EXE and DVR108DX_FW118EU.EXE that I have downloaded and it seemed to first udate the firmware to 110 and than to 118 - am I done ? Do I still need to do something with the kernel ? If so, how?

If they have updated your drive you have an PIODATA now which supports Bitsetting.

I have also updated my firmware with both the DVR108DX_FW110.EXE and DVR108DX_FW118EU.EXE , and i still do not have an option in nero in recorder/options to choose book type setting as -physical disc type- option. However with my NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A i am able to see this dropdown menu in Nero but not with my 108 attached. Am i right in saying this dropdown menu should appear now that i have flashed to a Firmware that supports Bitsetting?, I think my 108 is defaulting to DVD-Rom which is no good when i burn on Traxdata DVD+R DL, any ideas??


H Man

the 108 does bitset automatically. You cannot interact with it to do so on your own accord. To be frank the 108 bitsets dual layer to dvd-rom no matter what, official firmware or not as without that the disc has a very low chance of being compatible.

You are right, i have just tested a dvd burnt on a Traxdata Dvd+R DL on my NEC writer with the option in nero set to - physical disc type -, and the disc does not play in my dvd player, nor does it play in my Ps2, it only works in my pc. but before i changed the option in nero from Automatic to - physical disc type - it failed the burn when generating dvd high compatability borders, help i am confused.

H Man

The errors i am getting with my NEC writer with nero are 1. No seek complete. 2. Could not perform end of disc at once, burn process failed at 2.4X :)))

H Man

What has this to do with the Pio108?
This is the Pioneer section, BTW.