Help wit sound



hey guys how r u all ok to get to the point my mate has AMD 64and he has lost his motherboard cd and he had to reinstall. now he has no sound do u guys know how to find out wat on board sound driver’s r need to get sound bck i think he has r m-atx or ms-6741


plz help


Are getting no sound at all or just from the drives. If its just the drive, maybe the audio cable is not connected. All drivers should be available for download from the PC or motherboard manfacturer’s website. You need the model number, which should be printed on the motherboard somewhere.


no sound at all he reinstalled windows and doesnt have his motherboard cd so yea i am trying to help him find were he can dl the drive or some thing to give him his sound bck


open your case, look what manufacturer and model the motherboard is (is printed on it somewhere) and then just go to the official homepage from the manufacturer and download the drivers… :wink:
can be that simple… :wink: