Help wiring my pre wired house for satellite

Ok so i rent my house, Landlord says it is ok but he wants no wires, He has house wired so I dont need them, gave me number of guy who fitted it all, He wants £100 to wire it in!!

I aint paying but I need help in best way to wire it up
here is a diagram on house wiring

I got a blank ariel socket in living room which I presume is for the sky but how do i get satellie feed to it? there is only one input which is in use by UHF ariel ?

the signal amplifier is a philex Slx8,

The only other input is for FM can I usse this as a secondary input? so one for satellite and the fm input for the UHF?

I’m really sorry for the lameness and newbieness of my question but its just got me baffled??

Thanks in advance for your time, Any help aprreciated

Pay the 100lbs.:iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Sorry I have no idea. Ususally you can find a good guide on Google when it comes to that sort of thing.:iagree:

I think I solved it, I need a UHF/SAT diplex combiner!! sorted!!

You see, I never had a doubt. LOL. I am glad you got it sorted. Congrats.:iagree: :clap: :clap:

Duplex, I think.

sorry diplexer i meant!!