HELP! WinXP wont boot up!

i just got brand new NEC 2510A (oem) dvd writer today. I plugged everything in, and turn on the computer… and… my computer stays at the Windows XP loading screen, the “BAR” on the WinXP keeps going but i waited for couple minutes and nothing happened. I unplugged the dvd writer and turn the machine back on, everything loaded fine…PLEASE HELP!!


Is the jumper on the Nec set correctly?

Definitely sounds like a jumper/IDE cable/connection issue.
Make sure you install the drive correctly!

hmm… I think its my stupid nforce2 drivers… i installed a newer IDE controller driver… and my dvd writer worked…BUT… everything else is super super messed up

i dont noe what is going on… my sound driver and network driver both went kaboom…(i dunno how much other things are messed up… but both the sound and the network driver is part of nforce2…)

please help me…its been a ROUGH week for me… i dropped my less than 1 month old ps2… hard on the ground nd the memory card broke on da spot…i dunno how many things i’ve ph-ked up recently…but please help… ><


go to the motherboard manufacturers’ website, download and install the seperate drivers for the sound card and NIC.

Try to uninstall your (Via?) Busmaster driver and reboot