[help][winxp]DVDRW driver loaded but device could not be found error


i am not sure what caused this, but as far as i remember, it happened after installing plextools pro 2.19a (not sure if this caused the problem)

the problem is that all the devices are recognized by windows xp including virtual drives & drivers are loaded but windows reports that the devices cannot be found.

i uninstalled all the virtual drive software like daemon tools & alcohol 120% & i also uninstalled plextools. tried to reinstall intel inf & i also removed & reinstalled ide drivers. i also checked the cable & drives just in case on another computer, and they were fine

any suggestions?

i don’t have any raid devices. winxp sp2 & p4 with i865pe chipset. because even virtual drives could not be found, i think it is a windows problem

thanks :wink:

With such a mess, I wonder why it doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue: is the drive a plextor at all ? If not, some loaded driver might be causing the mistake. Delete the driver from device manager and re-add it.