Help windows2000 & sis 5513

Hi mate
i have an old p3 700 with 500mb
i tried to install w2k and every thing is ok
but i can’t enable ultra DMA
with w98se my 2 hd work perfectly in dma mode
but not in w2k
maybe is for the driver …help me
is there some thing that can i do?
in system i tried to enalbe but only pio is selectable

You have latest SP4 and system updates?


Definately would install sp4 and critical updates. For security and compatability atleast.

yes i will do
but somebody had my same problem ???

Tried updating your ide drivers?

Well. It only took about a half a year or so. But I finally found a solution to the WIN2K/XP (U)DMA problems on these boards

Ok Here is how you do it:

First of all. Download the latest BIOS from PCCHIPS website and flash it. For the M748lmr(t) it is named 010914s.rom and you can get it here:
A major fix has been applied to the M748lmr(t) BIOS (and the M741lmr(t). It now reports true ACPI which makes the board run much smoother without win2k/XP using APM. Besides that the VGA seems to run a hell of a lot faster now.

Afterwards go to the following lines in your windows2000/XP registry:

Make a new DWord named “EnableUDMA66” and give it the value: 1

Make a new DWord named "Rene Isbrandts DMA fix? (or just DMA FIX please give credit where it is deserved ok ; ) and give it the value: 1

Make a new DWord named: "DmaDetectionLevel? and give it the value: 2

Make a new DWord named “DmaDetectionLevel” and give it the value: 2

Next: Run the W2kide.exe from PCCHIPS to set up the correct timings and detection level of your UDMA cabel (This is important !!! ) You can get it here:

I know it says ?SIS630? But it will in fact work on SiS 530/540/620/630 chipsets all together.

I know that a lot you folks have tried this utility with no luck. And you are probably quite tired of it : ) But it wont work without the above added registry lines either. But if you add my registry fix as described above and use this SiS utility you will gain BETTER transfer rates in win2k/XP than in Win98/ME. Hard to believe?I know. But trust me on this.

Next: Reboot.

You will know have (U)DMA/ATA66 transfer rates in windows 2000/XP. Enjoy ; )

And please?..spread the word ok? My motto now is: ?UDMA for everybody?


René Isbrandt

it’s way easier than all this, just get the latest ide driver from
right now its version 2.04

it worked fine on a sis530 chipset i guess it foes in all the others