HELP - WIndows XP does not recognize drive



I recently purchased and installed an external Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9-EXT. When originally installe dthe drive was recognized by my computer. Recently the drive has stopped showing in “my omputer”. I have tried disconnecting and connecting the optical and power cables. ANy one has a suggestion of what I cna do to have the dirve be recognized again?


check device manager and see if it has changed to unknown device… ask if you need instructions.

alternatively unplug the usb wait 30 seconds and replug


I had the same some time ago, It would show up at boot etc but wouldn’t be functional (long time, blabla)
Put the old ribbon in the can and no probs anymore

hope another ribbon saves your day too

greetz, Erik


it is a usb 2 external drive so no “ribbon” just a usb cable


I am having similar reliability problems with this drive. After messing around and many reboots and reconnects I can get it to work, but then it mysteriously stops working. I have tried connecting it to two other WinXP systems and no luck. I have tried different cables and different ports as well.

It will show up as “USB Mass Storage” in device manager, but won’t show up under the DVD/CD-ROM drives in device manager.

I am wondering whether the drive inside isn’t coming up fast enough to be recognized all the time and a reset of the drive or a longer wait for the drive before the external inclosures USB talks to it would work. I don’t see a way
to reset the drive w/o powering off the USB interface as well.

Any ideas on a reliable way to reset this thing or some other solution to the reliability problem?

Thanks in advance


I had the same experience with this drive. It showed a “Code 10” error in the device manager. Code 10 means the drive will not start. They are defective bring it back to the store and return it, thats what I did and the one I have works fine.