HELP! Windows won't load!?!

I turned on my old PC today and windows won’t load. Its stuck with the black screen that usually is only visable momentarily while windows boots up. I’ve turned it off and retried several times. It still does the normal start up stuff like “CPU found” and “memory test” and “found CDROM” but it just hangs up when it gets to the point where windows should start.

The PC is older but still worked fine… until now. Its a AMD-K6 and has windows 98 on it.

I know a little (probably VERY little compared to you guys here) about PC’s but I’m lost on this one. Anyone have any suggestions? Please help.


Did you try to boot into safe mode? Have you installed or uninstalled any software recently?

I’d try safe mode, but it hangs up before that point. No, I haven’t changed any setting at all including installs or uninstalls. This is my old PC and rarely even turn it on unless I need some old files off of it. One thing that did happen though… I turned it off without “properly shutting” it down and when I turned it back on today it started to run scan disk. I was in a hurry and tried to escape out of it and it froze up on me. Once again, I just turned it off. Now I have this problem. Any suggestions?

OK at least your BIOS is working so must be a software/windows related issue. AMD-K6 is 266mhtz range…we’re going back to 1996/7 LOL I had one thru it out a while ago they aren’t worth using.

Stick in the 98 startup disk and boot off the floppy, or stick in the 98 CD-ROM and boot off that and run setup.exe, reinstall 98 into the SAME dir that 98 is in (you won’t lose any data).

If it’s a Compaq or one of those type, it should have a rescue CD use that and just be sure to select the option to only reinstall windows.

If you want my professional opinion, remove the HDD, throw that PC in the garbage, connect the HDD into your current PC and rescue any valuable data and then throw that old 2Gb HDD in the garbage :bigsmile: :smiley:

Well, I just tried restarting it again and it worked. I have NO idea what happened or why it decided to work now. I couldn’t find the window 98 disk so I just thought I’d bang on the keyboard while it was loading… it worked! LOL Before loading, it asked my several y/n questions. I have no idea what they were but I answered yes to them all…

I’ll quit procrastinating and transfer all my old files now that its working.

Thanks to all you guys that took the time to try to help!!!