Help! Windows crashed whilst flashing



I was flashing my Slimtype SOS-852S using the firmware.exe program, when the computer locked up. (Windows XP Home, SP2)

After the reboot, the POST took forever, before determining there is no external media drive present. (I don’t have a floppy drive, as I use CD’s to transfer files)

I’ve tried MKTFLASH, version 1.83c, to try and dump either BIN on the drive, using safe mode command prompt, but with no luck. PST3, or the original PRS7

Rest of the system is an Acer Extensa 2001 (Celeron D330, 768M, and a 40G hd, in 3 partitions. C,D, and a restore partition)



You need to create an MS-DOS boot disc to run MKTFLASH. I think it has to run in true DOS. Search the web for bootable DOS CD images.


Thanks. I got it sorted by playing around with the recovery loader. (Control-Break during the Autoexec.bat) It’s now sweet, again.


Hehehe. Both the FAQ and the tools collection were quietly updated a few days ago to include links to a pretty nice DOS booting image… :bigsmile:

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