HELP: win7 + intel .inf update - runs through fast, doesn't do anything



Members using Win7: Does the intel inf Update simply run through without doing anything on your system? I ask because exactly that is the case when I run that intel driver package. I have a P35+ICH9R chipset and Win7 Home Premium. My brother has a P965 chipset and Win7 Pro. When he runs the driver, it installs the infs normally! Why is that different on my PC? Any idea? Thank you very much for reading.


Since some time went by now and I still don’t have any idea if this is normal or not, let me ask one more time please: How does the intel “.inf Update Utility” installation behave on your P35+ICH9R + Win764 computers? Is it (1) like nothing has happened and you just click through or (2) like some “installation process” is going on and it made sense to run it? Many thanks for reading again!