Help wih nec nd-3500ag

I just got this nec nd-3500ag internal drive. i was hoping to get it regional free and get rid of the rip lock thing. i went to the dangerous drothers site but not know which one will help be get the drive regional free and get rid of the rip lock. Can anyone tell me whcih firmware will do, if not were els i can els a firmware that will do. Thankz

Moved over to the NEC section where you should find some information.

All of the ND-3520A firmware packages that you can find at The Dangerous Brothers’ Page contain three firmwares: one is the original, unmodified firmware (3520ORIG.bin), another is modified to have the riplock removed (3520FAST.bin), the third is both region free and has the riplock removed (3520RPC1.bin)

It sounds like you want to flash the 3520RPC1.bin firmware onto your drive.

Hi babychar2002,

I use [b]Liggy And Dee ND-3500 Modified Firmware V2.TB RC2 [b]and I’ve been using for as long as its been available, no coasters, no rip lock,
and bittsetting! if you want it here’s the link:


ditto :smiley: