Help- Why do I get bad pi and pif results

LiteOn 1213s- I see people getting results that are Excellent. I tried Ritek,verbatim,fuji,sony,taiyo yuden, + and - R and this is the best scan I got. When I compare this to other people on the forum, it sucks! I do NOTHING else when burning, nothing running in background, internet off, and I even defrag my harddrive, I changed fw to latest TSOD also. It’s frustrating to see people getting some unbelievable results and mine are so high. Remember this scan is my BEST one, my others vary from 1,000 to 100’s.
Its not my burner because this is the 2nd Liteon, I sent the 1st one back.
I’d appreciate any feedback, thanks

P4 3.2 ghz
Intel 875 mb
1 gb Ddr400(kingston cl2)
160 gb hd
Liteon 1213s
LiteOn 166s

thats wierd. Try cleaning the laser lens maybe. Could be a little dust on it. Also, lower the burning speed of the media, youd be suprised, but that can do wonders. the way the PI errors look, its having a harder time as it nears the end of the disc.

Try again, but make your scan with your 1213, not with a dvd-rom. It seems that dvd-roms not show accurate results.

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Thanks, this looks better. What are considered acceptable results with Kprobe? What do you think about… Should I upgade and crossflash to 1653, is it worth it? Or are these results fine.

Within specs, but a bit heavy if you ask me. Maybe you should try the new CSTJ, you can download a LedFix (crossflashed) version here:

The newest Sony firmware BYX3 is also a good option, a LedFix (also crossflashed) version you can download here:

Save your EEPROM first, using EEPROM utility, in case you want to go back! See the sticky threads about that.

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Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it! Here is the same burm with a cross flash to CSTJ 1653S. They look better than before. Are these acceptable?
What are acceptable numbers for pi and pif?
Do you think I should try The newest Sony firmware BYX3?

please also reset EPROM save data by using EEPROM utility…!

Not a bad result!
But I have better results with the same media (and three lities).

Try indeed the EEPROM reset and the new sony firmware.

But dont worry to much.
The max values for a good disc are:
PI<280 and PIF <4. (not counted single spikes)

When I compare it with the results I’ve seen in the threads using the same media and the same firmware I think the result is still a bit high. And it looks so massive too. At what speed is this disk burned? I don’t have much experience with -R media, but the Verbatims and Moser Baer dvd’s I’ve burned were better. But they were burned at 4x. Does this dvd play in a standalone player? Personally I don’t know if the Sony firmware will show a better burn, but you can try it… The specifications of an acceptable burn are PI<280 and PIF<4. But with my standalone it should be lower, I try to achieve PI<80 and PIF=<2. An occasional spike to PIF3 is o.k., but especially when PIF’s are higher, my standalone freezes.
Could it be a media problem? A bad batch maybe? Tried another type or brand?

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Posting this reply I saw the answers Talon88 and Mauricetgol gave you. Indeed I agree that resetting Learned data with EEPROM Utility could make the difference!

someone said Sony FW is a bit better on DVD -R,
you can give it a test…!

I don’t understand your pic. It say PI max 93, but I don’t see it, and it says Pif max 5 but I don’t see it either ???

I think Bichonn is right. I also noticed the difference between numbers and graphs, but did’nt figure out wat it was. It looks logarithmic. I looked in KProbe and when you rightclick on a graph you can change settings. One of them is “Logaritm Diagram”. Is that one checked? When I look at your graphics I think it is. In my copy the only thing that is checked is “Auto Y axis”. So maybe can you make a new scan with that “Logarithm Diagram” unchecked?

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This is how your Kprobe should be set if you right click on it:

I made a scan of a dvd, saving it lgarithmic and normal. This will show the difference between the two settings.

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Yes you are rigth

My scans:
KProbe scan coming soon! :cop:

The KProbe results: :cool:

I also CF my crappy 1213s to CS09. It improves alot. I strongly recommend you to crossflash it if you don’t care to void your warranty.