Help:why cnat I convert my avi from my minidv camcorder to mpg with tmpgenc?

I have a an avi file from my sony trv25 d/led via Pinnacle studio 8 and want to convert it to a mpeg1 file with TMPGenc but tmpgenc continues to say it is an unsupported file …I have installed Divx 3.11 and divx 5.02…I play the file with media player in winxp no problems

I should note I can convert the avi file via Pinnacle studio 8 to mpeg and burn a vcd with nero but I want to be able to use a better quality encoder to convert the cpatured avi file to mpeg file…

I do not understand why the avi file captured is not supported by tmpgenc

Any ideas

help please

Hi there Melboune resident US from a near Melbourne resident Australia.

Your avi is probabably encoded with some Sony shit codec and TMPGEnc just cant see it. How is the Audio encoded? MP3 ? or what? it could be the audio causing the problem also. Are you able to select the AVI compression codec in Pininical 8 ? if so sellect DivX5 or 3.1 then you will have no TMPGEnc issues.

if so sellect DivX5 or 3.1 then you will have no TMPGEnc issues.

He wants to create a VCD.

Is your source DV-1? If so, using an AVIsynth script will work like a charm.


I tried within Pinnacle Studio 8 to use Divx 5 but it would not let me …
The source seems to be DV encoder according to Pinnacle…everything is greyed out and I am not sure how to be able to change the settings and compression encoder

What is DV1?

The audio is set as PCM 16 bit 48khz

I just tried converting the file with Divx 5 in Pinnacle…it let me…so now I have a divx 5 file and Divx 4… and tmpgenc still says it can not support the file…

I will have to some tinkering but I wonder if something is screwed software wise and may have to reinstall winxp

You’ll need to install a DV codec, regardless whether it’s DV Type 1 or 2. Type 1 needs a script like what sirdavid said while type 2 can be opened by proggies like VirtualDub or TMPEnc without any script. Visit Doom9’s forum for more info, or head to

thanks but what is so strange I had Pinnacle studio 7 on my athlon machine and do not remember the need for a DV codec in order to use TMPGenc to convert the avi to a mpeg…I know I did it before as the avi file has been converted…very strange…


That’s very strange indeed - unless there’s a setting in Studio8 that’s been pre-configured to save files in Type1 while your Studio7 saved it in Type2. When the file is not recognised, it is most likely to be codec-related probs.

Xox…thanks I found at canopus site a dv converter file which allows me to convert file to a readable and editable .avi…though the first method limited the file to one gb so I need to try another in the program but I am in better shape now …the files all seem to be MS DV 1 files as per canopus

Am having the same problem with Pinnacle 11.
I went to Canopis but could not locate DV converter you mentioned. Could you offer some help on this?

how is import avi file in premier pro?

[QUOTE=mkmb;2218407]how is import avi file in premier pro?[/QUOTE]

If this is a question, than I do this all the time. Import with Premiere Pro as MS DV and do fixing in TMPGEnc Xpress, export from there to mpeg file. No problem.
I do this for VHS tapes or Camera import.