HELP - Who have DOS flash updater cause DRW1004 dead after 045

Hye all,

I’ve just update my DRW1004IM with 045 under XP.
Unfortunately, the flash don’t go to the end.
Reboot become necessary…
And, now, BIOS do not recognize the drive :frowning:

I think Marco (BTC) is on WE.
Anyone has the DOS update flash to help me ?

You might try getting mtkflash 1.80 from and take one of the firmware files from “The dangerous brothers”. This should make your drive working again, but it’s probably better to wait until Marco can help you.

Use the trick from Marco :
Connect a good drive (AC) and data from the “kaputt” drive.
Connect AC to the “kaputt” drive.
Boot in DOS.
Change datacable from good drive to “kaputt” drive.
Use MtkFlash 1.80 and 039_RPC1.BIN (TheDB).
And now all it’s OK !

Now, I’m happy to be the 1 to 1 million (Hey, Marco !)…

Hallelujah !