Help - Which Writer?

hi everyone…iv been searching through the reviews for a while now trying to look for the best dvd writer but its obvious the each drive has its ups and downs, so i need everyones help in which writer i should get. this will be my first dvd writer so im looking for high performance and quality (i bet thats what they all say lolz).

right so, the drives that seem to stand out from the crowd are the LiteOn SHM-165P6S, NEC ND-4571, Pioneer DVR-111 and finally the LG GSA-H10A.

i would use the writer for dvd burning 9 times out of 10 so im not too bothered about ripping.

please help everyone…which one to go for and why?


Howdy and welcome. Do you have a DVD Rom for ripping DVD movies and such or it’s just something you don’t plan on doing? I have 2 LiteOn 160P6S and i’m very happy with them. I’m also getting ready to order tonight 2 more burners a BenQ1650, Pioneer 111D plus a Asus E616A2 as another ripper from NewEgg to add to my system. So i can’t say about the PIO or BQ yet but i love my LiteOn burners. :slight_smile:

hi :bigsmile:

i already have a dvd rom drive…its pretty old: Lite-On JLMS XJ HD 165H.
i would probably do some ripping but mostly writing dvd. would like a drive thats going to last a while in terms of its features and compatibility too, but i guess thats firmware stuff that get updated.

For writing quality discs I have been very satisfied with the LG H10A, which can be changed into an H10N. The German magazine CHIP, gave the H10N their highest rating in a recent review. See the following links,

By the way, I only write on R+ discs.
Good Luck.