Help. Which firmware?



Ok I am sorry to start a new thread on this when I know much has already been said on the topic but that is the problem - there are so many threads on different firmwares for different NEC drives, I am lost. I have spent days trawling the forum trying to find a link to a firmware that I like. My girlfreind is hetting mad coz I have spent days trying to figure out Liggy’s tech speak.

I have a NEC3500AG currently with 2.16 stock firmware. Can someone please point me to a link for a firmware that supports bitsetting and RPC1. I am not bothered about ripping speed as I have an AOpen 1648 on order.

Thanks in advance.



BTW: Tachyon particles don’t exist… the theory has been dropped.


Thanks for the link.

Does this mean my theoretical, yet-to-be-developed technology is already obsolete? I’ve only just bought the damn thing…