HELP! Which DVD-Reader for corrupted DVDs?

Please help!!!

I stupidly bought a 25-piece cakebox of SKY DVD-R media a few months ago… all burnt fine at the time but 3 months later (in spite of careful storage) all have already gone bad!!!

None of these disks can now be read by the Pioneer DVR-106 which created them… However here is still hope for recovering the data as my old Toshiba SD-M1402 can read and recover files from a few of them… The data on them is important so I’m prepared to buy a new reader if this will help…

Anybody have any ideas which current DVD-Reader is most likely to be able recover the maximum data from these disks?

Choices in my local stores are:

  • Toshiba (samsung?) SD-M1912
  • Liteon 167T
  • NEC 3500 Writer (I was thinking of buying one in the future anyway, I may bring the purchase forward if it is good at reading bad disks)
    (I’m in Europe where there is a ‘no opened-box returns unless broken policy’, so I can’t try first!)


PLEASE!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Hum, maybe I should be a bit more precise in my question…

Is the NEC 3500 any good at reading damaged disks?

Does anybody know a reader or writer which is?

Many thanks!

Yes the NEC-3500 has good correction capabilities, but the one I saw lately in a test of error-corrrection capabilities is the AOpen 1648/AAP. Someone posted that C’t magazine did a test against other readers including the Toshiba and the AOpen had the best error correction something like 90% correction-error compared to the Toshiba 58% (I’m doing this from memory). It’s also a very fast ripper, maybe the fastest.

Also here’s a thread on e/c for burners:

Here’s a summary of dvd error correction rates for current 16x burners from c’t magazin 21/2004:

Drive DVD-5 / DVD-9 aka DL
Pioneer DVR-A08 100% / 87,4% (aka Asus DRW-1640P)
LiteOn SOHW-1633S 96,2% / 86,6% (aka Teac DV-W516G)
BenQ DW-1620 78,4% / 86,6% (aka Nu-Tech DDW-163 aka Philips DVR1640K)
NEC ND-3500A 66,9% / 86,9%
LG GSA-4160B 63,2% / 87%

Very many thanks for that info!

It sounds like the NEC 3500 may not be the answer to my problems, but the AOpen 1648/AAP appears to be exactly what I need!

I’ll have a look around tomorrow and see if any of the local shops sell it… unfortunately I’m in too much of a rush on this to wait for mail-order! Let’s hope it’s not too expensive on the high-street… :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, if the Toshiba only hits 58% on error-correction rate then I guess the LiteOn 167T will make the best second-choice if I can’t find the AOpen model…

My Benq drives are my best readers for scratched and weak sectors. I only had one disk that I never could get it to read.

Thx for that info… I’ll add the DW822A and/or DW1620A to the shopping list…

Just an Update…

I got the LiteOn 167T because it was the only drive available locally… unfortunately it didn’t read the damaged disks much better than my old Toshiba SD-M1402 :sad:

Ah well… it didn’t cost too much and seems like a nice drive otherwise. I’ll keep my eyes open for the AOpen 1648/AAP, or maybe I’ll get a Benq brand burner when I upgrade that item shortly

Thanx for the help…

Why hasn’t anyone recommended the Benq 1650P? I have this drive and it reads just about everything I throw at it. The only real obvious thing that it can’t read is DVD-RAM and Plextor’s Gigarec (overburned 700mb to 1 gig cd-rs). I throw dirty scratched cds, dvds (all formats except dvd-ram) at it all the time with no problems. It has if I recall a 90 ms + seek time so it reads quickly which is why I use it to rip dvds.

The only real problem is limited support, no firmware update since version 1.23 for several years now.

Try the software called “BadCopy Pro 3.75”

It can often recover data from problem discs .


Be careful with Benq DW-822A - I got a case of a DVD which was readable for 3-4 months, and then started reporting as “Blank” and “No media present” - I fed it into the Benq device - and had to restart the machine to get it back again (the device is on IDE cable). The Lite-on I have on similar setup didn’t read the disc either - but at least didn’t die so horribly…
I was also hopeful I could salvage the info from that disc, but none of the following four devices did it: Benq DW822A, LiteOn LDW-811S, Teac DV-W50S (external USB), Sony DDU1622 (DVD-ROM only)… I don’t want to sound disappointing, but things don’t look well.

Don’t you think it would be helpful if you mentioned the brand of the media? Also the DW1620 is a better reader, I think, then the DW822A.

Update, I just got the Aopen 1648/AAP Chameleon Edition. Forget about my comments with the Benq 1650P. If you want a drive that is capable of reading good and bad discs really fast, look no further than the 1648. Refer to the Aopen discussion thread and see how happy people are with this drive.

The disc was Creation DVD-R Version 2.0 - I don’t recommend it to anybody per se - out of 4 discs, 3 I tried to burn in full - only the fist 3.5 or thereabouts are readable; on one of them, the upper surface (the not-burnable one) got a brownish tint for the outermost centimeter of the diameter. The last one I tried to burn 3.5 GB only - it worked fine. For 3 or 4 months - then went totally out the window, with behavior as I described in previous post.
I don’t have a DW 1620 to try, and I will take your word it’s better :slight_smile: I just encountered the same type of problem as in the orignial question, DVD that suddenly stopped reading despite careful storage, and I thought I could chime in.