Help! where to get the following appz?



Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I am in search of the following appz. or new high-end graphic applications. if anyone can tell me where I can get these appz.


houdini v4.0
elastic reality v3.1 from
life forms v3.5
lightwave 6

if you can help please e-mail. if you can offer these appz I can pay or trade .

thank you,


i can help you with lightwave 6, goto this site:


Hi, and thank’s for the reply and url.

I wanted to know if you are willing to trade a cd of lightwave 6?? I ask because I don’t have a fast connection and would take me a very long time to download the entire app.

please e-mail me and I can supply with a list of items for trade.

thank you,


i dont actually have the cd, but the warez is only 6 megs, i think, so even on a (oh god, no) 14.4 connection, it would take much less than an hour!