HELP! Where did the sound go?

First, i’ve been using DVD Decrypter to rip and burn dvd’s with great success using a sony DL and memorex disks. I also loaded the VLC Player so that I can watch the iso files on my computer. I have loaded like 15 movies so far with ZERO problems. All will play on VLC and burn to disk and work fine. I recently ripped “SinCity” and it seemed to have gone through fine. When I went to watch (test) it on the player, it opened fine, went through the menu screen fine (with sound), but when the movie started, it played great except with no sound. What went wrong here? Should I just re-rip it? The file size of the iso seems similar to all the rest of the iso’s i have.

nevermind, figured it out. had to switch the sound settings off the menu screen from dts surround to dolby digital