Help! Where can I find commercial cd and dvd burners?



Hello. I’m doing a research paper for school on creating commercially burnt cd’s and dvd’s from their professionally made counterparts. Is this possible? If so would you know of any proper equipment and where to find them on the web? This info would be extremely important for the grounds of my paper. Thank you for your time.


Not sure what you mean by “commercially burnt”, since commercially produced discs are pressed.

Why don’t you read around the forums here; specifically on how to rip and make good copies. Major factors to consider are hardware, software, and disc dye type and recording speed.

Give us an outline or plan of what you want to write, and we can take it from there :slight_smile:


Most replicators that produce store bought ‘pressed’ discs also offer a service for smaller orders. Small orders do not justify the expense involved in doing the normal glass mastering process. For this they have duplicators that burn DVD-R type discs. Some very popular units used for this are from Rimage

You can check the specs on some of their equipment to get an idea of what burners the ‘professionals’ use to make the discs.

Hope this helps.