Help: What specifications are important when buying flash memory?



We are updating our devices section with some new categories. The first one we will add is Flash Memory. We would like to know what kind of specifications are decisive for you when you choose a flash memory product? We already have a list with specifications and we would like to know which ones are the most valuable and if there are specifications that are missing.

We have the following specs for flash memory cards, usb sticks and memory card readers:

Flash memory card attributes

Product Name (Brand Storage Capacity Form Factor/Product Type, Sandisk 2GB Secure Digital Card)
Brand (Sandisk, Transcend)
Storage capacity (2 GB, 4 GB,512MB)
Product Type (Flash)
Product Type/Form Factor (Secure Digital (SD) Card, mini SD, XD)
Part number
Width (mm,inch)
Height (mm,inch)
Depth (mm,inch)
Weight (gram,oz)
Speed (MB/s, 60X)
Durability (10.000 insertion/removal cycles)
Minimum Operating Voltage (Volt)
Maximum Operating Voltage
Minimum Operating Temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit)
Maximum Operating Temperature
Compatibility (SD 1.1, SD 1.01 specifications, FCC standards)

USB Sticks

Product Name
Product Type
Part number
Storage capacity
Interface Type
System Requirements
Compliant Standards
Speed rating (read/write)

Memory Card Readers
Product Name
Product Type
Part Number
Card Reader Type
Compatibility (PC,Mac)
Supported Flash memory cards
OS Required
Width (mm,inch)
Height (mm,inch)
Depth (mm,inch)
Weight (gram,oz)


Important things for me:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Product name
  • Product type (SD/MS PRO, CF, USB, …)
  • Part number
  • Capacity
  • Read speed / write speed
  • Operating temperature


How about “price”…:doh:

  • Ready boost capable (for Vista)?
  • cap or retractable usb lead
  • encryption software included
  • U3 capable?
  • led color if any (if you really want to be picky)
  • accurate pictures (currently newegg rocks at this imo)
  • if possible, you can be the first to list nand chip type (for example the turbo drives corsair offers with “select nand” chips, would be nice to have more info on them)


I’d like to know if it survives a run through the laundry.


i cannot paste data in my mmc card as it says write protected.

Please help