Help!what Do I need to..?

make copies of my pc games?? I am pretty pc illiterate, so if I break any of the rules, I am Sorry. I have Daemon Tools and that is it. I know how to back-up my dvd’s …I use 1click DVD Copy to do that. And, Do I need a program that will combine files back together after I use a torrent download?? Again I think I am following the rules. If someone can tell me the programs I need on my pc to do this I would accpreciate it very very much :bow: I think I need to get Alcohol 120% but I am not sure if there are any others that I may need??

again thanks and sorry if I made any mistakes!!


Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:
Downloading commercially-released games, via torrents, is a no-no on this forum and no one here will help you on this question, sorry.
As far as backing up [I][B]your own bought-games[/B][/I] there are a number of tools you can use. I am not a gamer but a good friend of mine uses a program called “5 Star Game Copy” as a one-click, “no-brainer” way of backing up his game disks.
You’ll probably need to buy it online…It can be found here:

For making backups of games you own, Alcohol 120 and Blindwrite are probably the programs most people use.

Thanks for the help!!??!!??!! I’m trying:)