Help ! What Burner Must I Buy ?!?!

Hi folks,

I’m writing my first post on CDFreaks today, and it’s for a very important question :

What burner do you guys advise me to buy ?

Right now, I’ve got a PlexWriter 8/20 SCSI, and I’d like to get the new PlexWriter 16/10/40 SCSI, but I read you guys saying it doesn’t burn SD2…what must I do ?
I love Plextor, I believe it’s the best brand out here, and I’m desperate to choose one soon.

What do you advise me to do ? Buy another brand, keep my actual burner, shoot myself ?

Give me your advice ! THANX !

Depends on how much you use the burner and what you use it for.
Personally I never copy games, so I don’t have to worry about any SD2 compatibility.

You have a good burner, 8 speed is sufficient, the time you safe in absolute terms isn’t all that big. If you burn CDs continuously then it may be worth to buy a faster one, else I would say you wait until this one is broken and out of warranty.

I do burn games often, and I use alot of CD’s too…for MP3’s, compilations, all sorts of goodies you know…and I feel like my burner is getting sort of “old” now.

Do you recommend me a special brand, a special speed ?

I have the Plextor 161040 and I didnt know it came in scsi?? In any case get this burner, or get the New TEAC 16x10x40…

Both have Burn-Proof which is a must…

Plextor only buy a plextor!!! I got a 12/10/32s and it is just great the most beautiful thing in my PC —> check this

…and thanks for showing us your reader & burner NitroX ! By the way, we both have the same reader, UltraPleX 40max, and I’d like to change that too ! But I want Plextor, and it seems like it’s their last reader…which seems strange to me : I bought it 2 years ago, and I think it has some minor problems, like starting up to slowly when you insert a CD in your computer.

Why hasn’t Plextor launched a new, more recent reader ? Do they believe their last one is still the best ?

I wonder…

A company like Plextor which I always seen to have come out with the fastest CD-ROm all the time and always ahead of the competition… Wouldnt surprise me that the company which pioneered the CD-rom starts the same with the DVD-Rom…

So look out a PLextor DVD drive on the shelves soon!

When When?!?!??! I heard sometrhing about this summer is that true??