Help wanted with DVD-RW on Philips DVD8631

I recently bought a HP DVD Writer 630i. When I installed it on my computer XP recognize it as been a Philips DVD8631. After reading a lot about this DVD Writer on the internet I discovered that my HP DVD Writer 630i is identical with the Philips 8631 and the Benq DW1620. Does anyone know if this is correct?
Well my problem is this; when ever I insert a DVD-RW and tries to erase it, an error message occurs. It get the same “Illegal disc” warning whenever I try to burn a DVD-RW disc.
I’m using Nero and have also tried with Sonic RecordNow!, Version 6.5.1 which is the software HP recommends using with their drives.
I have downloaded 6 different firmware updates (the GD30 for Philips DVD 8631 (+RPC1 version), the B7U9 for Benq DW1620 and others). When I try to update the firmware I get this error message “The drive is not allowed to be updated”.
Please Help me. I’m going out of my mind!!

-PHILIPS DVD8631 Current firmware : BB03

Checked the firmwares at

i am not a BenQ user, but if you post your question in the BenQ DVD Burner / Philips DVD Burner forum you might find more users of those drives that can help with hacked firmware that might install