HELP w/ My blinking 3520a DVDRW Drive

i had tried to flash the 3520a via FW connection. guess what…it gave me an error during flash and now the green light blinks constantly and nothing works. do i now trash this drive because it’s not repairable??? please help, i’d like to save the drive, but dunno how. :sad:

Did you already try to turn everything off and back on again?
What exactly did you do when trying to flash your firmware and what program did you use?

A blinking LED on a NEC burner means that the drive is in safe mode. If the main firmware is inconsistent, the drive cannot switch back to the normal firmware. If flashing just failed before anything was really changed, it should help to turn off your drive for a few seconds.

If that doesn’t help, you’ll have to flash your drive again - this time not using the enclosure but attaching your drive directly to an IDE interface.