Help w/ mp3 burning(continueous sets)

I am trying to add tracks on mixes that I have that are between 60-80 minutes long, For example I would like to be able to go to different parts of the set but they are trance mixes so I dont want any pauses between tracks , just one song flowing into the other, when I burn the set and want to go to the middle of the set I have to fast forward 40 mins, instead I would like to have tracks , like 1-20, I cannot use nero , will not install for me on vista , any other progs I would be able to do this with

Do you mean you want markers set at particular points, that you can jump to if necessary but that these don’t interfere with seamless playback?

yes . that is exactly what i am trying to accomplish , any suggestions for good burning software that allows me to set markers besides nero, bc I can not get it to work w/ windows vista

OK I’ll transfer this to the Audio Forum since it’s not really a Newbie question…

can someone please help me out with this?

Burn onto CD???

Depending on your player, you either could use cutting them into tracks or using indexes.

Dont use Nero for burning AudioCD anyway, try BURRRN.