Help w/ kprobe, what im lookin at?

ok i am just now trying out this new kprobe2 thingy and ran it and i need help as to waht im looking at after i run the test here is the test i ran … lemme know if you need more info

i got a SOHW812S RITEK discs, burning at 8x

here is where i posted my link to this already, probably wrong forum first time

your scan is meaningless due to you didnt set it up right.

the correct way to scan is setup kp2 like this

speed 4x
PI 8 ecc
PIF 1 ecc

how to read a scan

Ignore single spikes
PI <= 280
PIF <= 4

ok i just burnt another disc at 8x speed and ran kprobe … here are my results

you said
Ignore single spikes
PI <= 280
PIF <= 4 -im not quite sure what this means- here is my pic though, plz help me if sumthing is messed up

Values that show a good burn

pi less then or equil to 280
pif less then or equil to 4

you should ignore single spikes.

ok so let me get this straight … the PI is read by 100’s?? so since the majority of my PI is below 20 = 200??

and for the PIF majority is below 2 so im good to go b/c its below 4?

thanks for help

no no no

pi is what ever it is, there is no scaling.

20 = 20

if pi is 280 or below its fine
if pif is 4 or below its fine

you dont look at single spikes.

now i gotcha … so ive got a very good burn then haha … thanks for the details KENW