Help w/ frame rate Xvid > Avivo > SVCD

I don’t have a DVD writer, so I’m using SVCD.

I converted an Xvid file to SVCD w/ Avivo Video Converter (I chose the SVCD option, note: the mpeg2 option gave me a 720x400 mpeg2 files, but Nero wants 480x480). I got a nice 480x480 mpeg2 file (it even kept the correct 16:9 and used letterbox) and fed it to Nero 5.5.

However, Nero gave me an error message that the mpeg2 file was non-compliant, because the frame rate was 23.976 instead of 29.97 (NTSC). The original Xvid had a frame rate of 23 frames/sec (per “Properties” tab).

Is there anyway to change the frame rate to 29.97 fps on the original Xvid file (which is 23 fps, note probably 23.976 frames per second), before I send it to Avivo Video Converter?

Otherwise, I will just have to burn a non-compliant SVCD and hope my Philips DVP 642 DVD player does not have syncing problems w/ the audio and video (or even worse, refuse to play it).

I know this is a really technical question, so hopefully someone smarter than I am knows the answer.

It doesn’t look like Avivo Video Converter has an option to change the frame rate to 29.97 (NTSC) (but I could be wrong).



The mpg file needs to be processed through a pulldown app to convert from 23.97 to 29.97 fps.
I’m surprised that your converter doesn’t do this.

Here are 2 links, the first explains pulldown, the second is a link to a pulldown app. Explanation , pulldown

Could you post what program is linked in the doom9 link? I get this page after I click the link,

[b]Unauthorized download

We’re sorry, but this downlod request cannot be authorized. There could be several reasons for this:

  1. You clicked on a link on a site that is not part of the Doom9 domains. In this case the URL in your browser would not contain or[/b]

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, the Avivo Video Converter works kind of like a “wizard”, there is no place to select any options, but it’s fast. :slight_smile:

What is the best program to use for the 3:2 pulldown??? Also, I need to split the video and audio, right? What is the best program to split the video and audio for the 3:2 pulldown? Then how to I reassemble the mpeg2 file, so Nero can burn it to SVCD?




Well obviously the link works fine for me. Go to their downloads page and under Support Utils you’ll find the GUI version & under S/VCD Tools the command line version.

Tmpgenc that’s also available there is the tool for demuxing/muxing. It’s a limited life trial.

I’ll see if I can get a trial of Avivo & have a look.

I’ve had a look at Avivo. Not impressed at all. While it’s probably OK when dealing with PAL video files it’s useless really for NTSC ones as the pulldown doesn’t happen.

You could try DVD2SVCD which is free & comes with it’s own encoder. Nowhere nearly as complicated as it looks.

ConvertxtoDVD is another liked by many here & there was a free version, not sure if it’s still available. Others are WinAVI , DVD Santa & actually Nero itself with NeroVision.

Adjust your firewall settings, you have to send the HTTP REFERRER.

So far,

(1) I used DGIndex to demux the video and audio from the mpeg-2 file, which yielded an mpeg-1 layer 2 audio file and a d2v video file.

(2) Installed Avisynth, then created a script file to decode the d2v file.


(3) Opened the avs script in virtualdubmod to encode the m2v file. But the problem is that the original mpeg2 file was ~ 350 MB, but saving the avs script in virtualmod resulted in a huge (2 - 10 GB) m2v file after using the “save as” option.

Please help me w/ the virtualdubmod encoding of the m2v file. I assume the proper size of the m2v file should be slightly less than the original mpeg2 file (~350 MB), and I’m getting a huge file instead (using the “direct stream copy” option = 10+ GB, using the “normal recompress” option = 2+ GB).

I’ve never used virtualdubmod before, and it shows. I have no idea what I need to do, so please help me. A step-by-step “virtualdubmod for dummies” approach would help me alot.




  1. I used DGIndex to demux the video and audio from the mpeg-2 file, which yielded an mpeg-1 layer 2 audio file and a m2v video file.

  2. Converted 23.76 NTSC film to 29.97 NTSC, w/ DGPulldown.

  3. Completely ignored the Guide’s suggestion of Avisynth and virtualdubmod.

  4. Just need to mux the video and audio and test out the SVCD. What is the best freeware program available to mux the audio and video?



File>MPEG Tools>Simple Multiplex (change Type to MPEG-2)

Thanks for the reply, but I mentioned a freeware solution.

According to,

“note: MPEG-2 support expires after 30 days” confirms this,

“Freeware MPEG1 Encoding but 30 days trial MPEG2 Encoding”

I appreciate the suggestion, but I was looking for freeware, not crippleware.

Still looking for a good freeware program to mux m2v and mpeg-1 layer 2.

Thanks in advance.


MPEG2 encoding for 30 days, after that only the MPEG2 encoding is disabled. Everything else remains functional (and free).
Since you are just needing to use the muxing function, it can still be used for free after 30 days.

Thanks for straightening me out. I didn’t know that I could use the mux function for the mpeg-2 file w/o the encoder.

Really stupid of me, but that’s why it sucks to be a newb. :frowning:

I will use TMPGEnc, as you suggested.



Muxed the m2v and mpeg-1 layer 2 w/ TMPGEnc.

GSpot sees 23.976 Pics/s, but 29.97 Frames/s. Also, MPEG-2 Program Stream, System Bitrate 3281 kb/s VBR. Size is correct for SVCD, at 480 x 480.

I read on that SVCD max bit rate (audio + video) is 2778 kb/second, so I will try to turn down the quality to match 2778 kb/s.

I fed the mpeg2 file to Nero to burn an SVCD, but I got this error message:

"The following problems were found:

-stream encoding which is invalid for a [Super] Video CD"

Do you think the 3281 kb/s VBR is the reason the mpeg2 is non-compliant per Nero?

I selected “Turn off standard compliance and continue”, and I burned the SVCD in Nero, despite the warning.

The SVCD seems to play okay on my Philips DVP-642/17 DVD Player, EXCEPT the edge of the left and right side are cut off (I noticed the subtitles are cut-off on the SVCD, but not when played on my computer). I have the DVD Player set up correctly as NTSC 4:3 Letterbox.

I don’t know why the left and right sides are cut off? Can anyone tell me what I did wrong???




Okay, I figured out that the side were getting cut off, because the aspect ratio was 16:9 and I need to change the aspect ratio to 4:3.

What is the best way to change the aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:3?




You CAN’T mux mpeg-2 w/ TMPGEnc after the 30 day trial period.

I know you were just trying to help. :slight_smile: I’m posting this info for the next person who has this question.

I just tried to mux mpeg-2 today, and it did nothing. :frowning:

Worse still, TMPGEnc has no uninstall program, and doesn’t register in “Add/Remove Software” in Windows XP. Just poor programming. I had to delete the sub-directory. :frowning:


Can someone suggest another freeware program (besides TMPGEnc, see above post) to mux mpeg-2?

Sorry, the time limit to edit my previous post expired, so I was forced to post again. :frowning: