Help w/ DVD Drive



first off, im no noob so please dont give me those answers that u’d give a noob cuz i probalby already tried it. anyways, my matshita sr-8588 was working before, but when i tried to play vice city today, it wouldnt read the disc. ive tried flashing it w/ 2 different firmwares to no avail. it shows up in windows but every disc i place in, it says to insert a disc. i dunno what im doing wrong. ne suggestions??


Well you have a few opitions:

  1. The drive is faulty and must be replaced

  2. You installed an IDE driver that is causing a conflict with the copy protection e.g. The recently removed nForce 2.42 drivers.

3)Plug the drive into a friends computer and see if it works.

4)Try the drive in various settings e.g.Primary slave,Secondry master etc.

5)Format your computer and reinstall the OS (if you think its a software problem)


i dont think the drive is faulty because the BIOS detects it and i can boot cd’s in it. but it just doesnt work in windows xp. as for the ide drivers, i did install windvd recently dunno if that affects it. but i uninstalled it and still have no results. mayb the uninstall didnt get all the files out? and if not, which files would these ide drivers be? thx


What type of motherboard do you have and what version drivers installed ??


i believe its nforce original one not 2. im just using the drivers that windows xp has. it worked before. i just used my drive a few days ago. and my cdr drive works fine. just not dvd drive.