HELP w/ CloneDVD!

I am using the most recent version of cloneDVD and anyDVD together.
The program works great except when I try to do selecting titles and making my dvd custom and then going straight to the rip/burn process before there…right when clonedvd starts writing on my dvd, it makes the header(the light on my liteon 812S is red like normal) after that it drops to an orange light and does nothing for 10-20minutes…there is no hard drive activity either…after that it FINALLY Starts burning the movie - at that point light is back to RED like normal.

I do not have this problem, however, if I do the 3rd option and select the titles and back them up into a folder and then restart the program and go burn that folder on to DVD…it does not have that pause before it starts burning…

Burning done both at 4x and also with different versions of firmware…
I have an nforce chipset but as directed, I DO NOT use nvidia’s IDE drivers…
I am running Win2k SP4.
Media: CMC magnetics F01 (not the best media but works) - wondering if this is the issue …

Anyone else with an 812S do you experience the same as what I am??

have you tried other media, from what ive read cmc gives a lot of people headaches. i personally recommend tdk dvd+r, burnt over 100 of those suckers no problems.

one other thing would be to go into your device manager and make sure your burner is set to DMA mode. other than that im stumped, hope you figure it out, i know first hand how frustrating this whole thing can be. good luck!

I think you answered your own question?
The process seems to work a lot better if you create the files or an ISO image before burning.
I have burned many discs this way with very few problems.
On the other hand I have never had much success burning straight to disc - one drive to another.