Help w/ burning a huge VOB file!

Can someone please tell me what my best option will be to burn a VOB file that is 12 GB in size that can also be renamed to an MPG and played on my computer? I got in a big mess trying to burn this file, Nero does not encode it properly it always burn a blank screen when I try to burn it. It was originally a tivo file that I converted into an mpg and then in to a VOB file. Except somehow I did not get the corresponding IFO file that u need to burn dvd files. So now I am stuck with this huge 12 GB mpg/vob file that I need to burn on 1 DVD (or 2)! Any suggestions???

I would suggest not crossposting, it’s rude & against CDFreaks Rules. :iagree:

do you have source of this vob-mpg-something?

btw, 12gb on 1dvd … :slight_smile:

No unfortunately I deleted it. DOH!

what was the source of this file?

try using any of the programs mentioned in this thread.


thanks :slight_smile:
looks like i missed it, actually i have never heard about “tivo” :disagree:

I don’t know if you have Recode2, but you might be able to use the remake a DVD setting and import it and then use the Start and Stop settings to split it over more than one disc. I have imported a large VOB file myself, using Recode2. Just a thought…